What We Do

Thermoplastic or plastic for engineering are the materials used for our activity.

Mecyplastec is a company dedicated to the machining of technical plastics by blueprints or sample. We distribute semi-finished products (bar, plate or tube) of the best quality available in the market. We advise technically on any application or project through our engineering department.

The advantages of technical plastics over metals are increasingly recognized. Many parts made of conventional metals are currently replaced by engineering plastics, both for their economic efficiency and for their superior properties.

To change metal for thermoplastic requires a previous study and possible changes in settings and tolerances. Also, for new applications where thermoplastic can be a good option, it’s necessary to study the environmental and working conditions, possible chemical attacks, etc…
Count on us to manage these changes in your application or to study a new application where thermoplastic can be your ally. We will offer you our technical support without the need of a commitment with us.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Mecyplastec puts the most advanced technology at your service along with all its knowledge to give total satisfaction to its customers.

We are a team of people in constant evolution, with enthusiasm and motivation to carry out our work and to obtain the trust of our customers and suppliers.

We listen to our customers to be able to improve. We are committed to continuous improvementTechnical support is our added value, always available to our customers to offer our support, global satisfaction is our goal:

  • We are an innovative company that makes profitable the projects of its customers.

  • Thanks to our experience, we are able to advise you in your applications.

  • We choose the best engineering plastics among the products offered by the largest international manufacturers.

  • The quality of our products and services is our priority.

  • Our success lies in the extreme efficiency of our machining operations.