Technical Information

Technical Information and Certificates


Plastic Materials technical information

We can provide you with all the technical information of the plastic materials that your project requires. Request it from us with no obligation.

We can provide you with different comparisons under normalized tests of plastic materials. Request it from us for your project. Our added value, our technical support. You can count on us for your designs, we will provide you with the support and information that you request.

Plastic Materials Certificates

We provide you with the certificates that you may need, if you request them during the offer, as there are certificates that may carry a cost, due to the tests that must be done during the molding process, to obtain the semi-finished products.


  • Material
  • Dimensional
  • FDA
  • Migration
  • Detectable Materials
  • 3.1 W/Norm EN10204 defining the test type
  • Protection against fire w/DIN 45545-2:2003
  • Other available certificates, consult.

Datos técnicos materiales plásticos

Example of Physiologically Inert Material certificate w/FDA


Pieces according to blueprint nº


ORDER NO.                                           DELIVERY NOTE Nº

CUSTOMER ORDER                                                         DELIVERY NOTE MECY

We hereby certify that the material provided with above delivery note

Indicated to comply with your order corresponds to a MATERIAL that complies with its technical features and is compatible for contact with food, approved by:

  • EU: Compatibility with foods according to regulation CE Nº 1935/2004 UE Nº 10/2011, with migration tests and ce nº 2023/2006.
  • FDA: Compatibility with foods according to the “American FDA code of Federal regulations”

And to put on record for the required effects and at the request of the

Interested part,