Pulleys and Wheels

Plastic Pulleys and Plastic Wheels

Pulleys and wheels in technical plastics have high resistance to loads for rolling works, with a high resistance to fatigue by flexion, in applications with high shots.

The PV factor is conditioning for these types of applications where, for dry work, technical plastics are ideal.

Materials seven times lighter than conventional steel which do not corrode. Considerable noise reduction. Excellent resistance to fluency and fatigue through contact.

Mainly for the industry of elevation through movement. Cableway cranes with movement of high loads.

There are specific plastics for these types of applications where, rolling with pressure and rolling with high moments of inertia are mainly required.

These types of applications also require material apt for gliding (pressure through PV speed) for the manufacture of skates. Plastics are the best ally for your low Stik-Slip coefficient (smooth start and stop).

Plastic pulleys, wheels and skates are materials that don’t need lubricating, they can function dry. Ideal for outdoors and for machinery manufactured for construction where the machinery is mainly rented and don’t have an optimum maintenance. Therefore, the need to grease in order to avoid problems is not so necessary.

Plastic pulleys, wheels and skates mainly obtained in previously molded nylon by casting and later mechanized, with specific loads for auto-lubrication are ideal for these industries where the environments are hostile due to the dryness that is generated during the work process in construction.

Plastic pulleys provide a longer lifecycle to cables than metal pulleys, due to the ease of rotation as it is a softer material than metal cables.

As previously mentioned, it is not necessary to grease these types of applications, but in case of greasing, heat is dissipated with more ease and its resistance to pressure from speed can even double in some technical plastics.