Isolators and Polyurethanes


We offer mechanization in reinforced plastics such as phenolic resins (Bakelite and Celotex) and high density Glass Fiber, made up of Epoxi, with excellent thermic, dielectric and chemical properties.

Phenolic resins are used in the industry for an infinity of applications. Depending on the base material: laminated paper, glass or cotton fiber, they have different applications.

The applications of phenolic resins with laminated paper base are used for the manufacture of electronic insulators (contact supports). Phenolic resins with glass base are used for high speed rolling. And phenolic resins with pressured cotton base are used for the manufacture of pulleys, cogwheels, …

They are frequently used in the automotive, elevation, construction, chemical, home appliance, electronic and other industries.

We have special machinery for the extraction of dust, which is generated during the chip start process. Due to its hardness, we use special tools.

The materials are contaminants during the production process, due to the dust they generate. That is why we apply special care during its handling.



We offer molding and mechanizing of polyurethanes, in hardness ranging between 60ºSh A and 95ºSh A.

Common colors are yellow and orange.

We vulcanize from rims or metal axis, provided by our customers.