Augers and Tumblers

Augers and Tumblers in Engineering Plastics

We manufacture Augers and Tumblers for the processing of containers with simple geometries, complex geometries, light, unstable or fragile containers.

By means of some basic information from our customers, we develop the progression for a stable glide of your container.

We are specialists in the development of the engineering for format changes in rotational packing machinery

We study the geometry, gravity venter and complexity of your container, as well as the liquids to package, due to the fact that, depending on the line that needs modifying, these can vary the geometry and volume of the bottle. We offer materials that provide a higher profitability to your application.

We feature advanced technology for the sketching of your benches and components, obtaining precision and solving possible problems produced by maintenance.

We contribute technical advice to increase the lifecycle of your plastic components, and reduce maintenance costs. We can obtain an increase in productivity thanks to improvements in design and materials.

We deliver the Augers and Tumblers, as well as stars and guides, with the mechanical parts necessary for startup. Stainless steel shafts and bearings, etc. We deliver them completely pre-mounted for a quick installation.


Of Constant pace

Variable pace

With turn defined to stop program

Vertical turn of your bottle. 45º or 90º turns through mediation of double augers

Double helix

To separate lines


90º turn

180º turn

For circular and oval cans

For circular or oval glass

Due to the fact that the design of containers is increasingly complex, we provide the possibility of developing special projects.
We can turn a container both on its vertical and horizontal axis.