Engineering Plastics


Welcome to the Mecyplastec web page, a company dedicated to the mechanization of Engineering plastics, by means of blueprint or sample.

We distribute semi-finished products (rod, plaque or tube) of the highest quality on the market, importing from the best companies in the world.

We provide technical advice about any application of Engineering Plastics or projects through our Technical Department.

With personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Mecyplastec places at your service the most advanced technology and all of its knowledge to provide total satisfaction to its customers.

As a consequence of temperature, the different engineering Plastics can vary its dimensions, a factor that we should consider when applying precision mechanization.

We offer applied engineering for processing containers. Engineering plastics are the best ally for the packaging industry thanks to its lightness and low friction coefficient.

We have ideal machinery for the manufacture of pieces in engineering plastics, in flat geometries. We obtain voluminous pieces thanks to large benches.

Commercialization and manipulation of acrylics and transparent material or opals, such as methacrylate, polycarbonate and copolyester, with different surface treatments.

We mechanize Godets or Puck shirts for the processing of complex containers. By means of blueprint or bottle sample. We offer materials with a low wear, friction and antistatic coefficient.

Pulleys, wheels and skates with Engineering plastics, suitable for resisting high loads. Very light materials and without the need to lubricate. Suitable for outdoor work.

We offer maximum performance and quality engineering plastics, we work with semi-finished products of the best commercial brands, guaranteed by the main manufacturers.

We acquire elastomer parts such as Polyurethane and laminates such as Bakelite or Celotex. We commercialize polyurethanes, with low Shore, through process or molding.